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Quotes I just wanted to pass along to you some things about Ernest Pinson which is doing the install in my building right now. First, on Thursday night, my outbound had an extendo belt rip in half at about 8pm. They tried to call our emergency vendor and got no response. They then called Ernest who was in town doing the install. He immediately came back to the building to repair the belt without hesitation. After a few hours he had it fixed and then came back at 4am to make sure it would work for the preload. It was really impressive to see him go out of his way to help us out. Second, the whole crew is really great to work with. They are all friendly and helpful and as much as they could be in the way, they make sure they are not. They seem not to just be here to put in a conveyor but also to make sure it is a good experience for us as well. Quotes
Heath Hetland
Senior Manager

Quotes In this business we tend to always focus on areas that need to be improved, we rarely talk about the positives because we think that is the way it should be. I wanted to break the mold and comment on how well the expansion went in Grand Rapids over the past few months. Ernie Pinson had his crew well directed and he established a solid working relationship with myself and the rest of the managers immediately. He was extremely professional in his conduct and did everything necessary to accommodate our needs locally. Ernie did an excellent job in staying well ahead of schedule and making the change-over go seamlessly. We did not have any type of issue that resulted from the material expansion that had a negative impact on our ability to run the daily sorts. Rarely do I give out glowing reviews of others performance, but I feel that the work Ernie did here merits such a note.Tomorrow Ernie and his crew will be gone and I am thoroughly Impressed! Quotes
Lance Camarote
Senior Manager-FedEx Ground

Quotes I got some very good feedback on the MH project that was just completed in GRDR. They did the installation of a fairly difficult expansion and was able to work very well with the SRM and do very little to hinder the operation. They were also able to complete the expansion and turn the building over way ahead of schedule. Just thought I should pass this on. Mike Landy Material Handling Project Engineer FedEx Ground Quotes
Mike Landy
Material Handling Project Engineer

Quotes Great to do business with. Thank you KMR Mechanical!! Quotes